Bi-Elettra Detector

The Freedom of Getting Rid of Keys

Bi-Elettra, a unique door using revolutionary technology that is also in line with current design trends. Practical, simple and secure, the door is managed by a complex automatic Keyless System which allows entering or leaving the house without using a traditional key.

This innovative security system allows to actively control every access, thanks to a microchip that sends an impulse to the door. Each micro-chip is provided with a unique code, impossible to clone, chosen amongst countless combinations that allow Bi-Elettra to recognise each access.

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Bi-Elettra Detector with Stone 3 panelling in light brushed bleached oak with 2 inserts in Melange stone
Bi-Elettra Detector with ABS Ferrari Red M006 panelling
Bi-Elettra Detector with Insert Feel 2 panelling grey oak with inserts fabric veneering
Bi-Elettra Detector with Printwood panelling
Bi Elettra Detector