In a security door, the accessories also respond to an exclusivity criterion. Glass for glazed doors, every element, every detail, helps to create the absolute and unmistakable value of your door.

It is possible to match the glass that best reflects your taste and style to all glazed models. The choice may range from smooth, satin, coloured and mirror solutions to the more elaborate engraved surfaces that are enriched with various patterns and colours. The various types of panelling that the glass can be matched to are illustrated alongside each model.

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Model 09 - Basilea Code 303E
Model 9J - Amarillo Code 120E
Model 9K - Maya Code 127E
Model 9T - Oviedo Code 131E
Model 9U - Quadretti Code 119E
Model 9V - Stop Code 245E
Model 9z - Stop Code 183E
Model 10 - Bilbao Code 307E
Model 76- Flanders Code 262E
Single leaf water-stained Italian walnut panelling and clear glass
Single leaf with icy white lacquered panelling and white satin glass
Vitra with Visarm glass

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Light Stop Bronzed Glass
Light Stop SOL Glass
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