New Idra

New Idra is a flexible and safe fire door, that meets the protection needs of houses, supermarkets, hospitals, warehouses, machine rooms, theatres, restaurants and any other public building. Suitable for medium size openings, typical of single or double leaf doors, New Idra is the ideal balance of different features, that make it one of the most popular fire doors. They can be installed easily, without additional drilling or alterations to the wall structure, with great versatility suits any environment. The The profile flush to the frame, the ties embedded in the frame, and a 3-hinge closure guarantee the highest performances.

We also offer a wide range of colours and sizes, both standard and special sizes; in the blank version, with the typical sturdiness of steel, and in the glazed version, with different glazing options available. New Idra is also available in the panic exit version or with handle/handle and surface protection, with a film that can be removed after fitting.

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EI2 120 double leaf lacquered RAL 3020
EI2 120 double leaf lacquered RAL 7037
New Idra
EI2 60 stainless steel single leaf
EI2 120 single leaf lacquered light ivory