Multi-functional Hinged Door in Plastic Coated Steel

Policolor is a plastic coated double panelled metal door, being a practical and flexible solution for all offices, public and private buildings that is recommended for the completion of the range in respect of the architectural requirements of wooden internal doors. Ideal for application in medium sized locations typical of a 1 and 2 leafed door. Policolor satisfies the need for a modern and pleasing single or double leaf door with blank or glazed fanlight. The ideal solution for the replacement of old wooden doors as well as new constructions

  • Frame fitting without the need of brickwork, blank or glazed plastic coated steel structure, with the typical strength of steel, standard and non-standard sizes, left and right hand opening, standard honeycomb cardboard insulation, light weight and simple to use.
  • Three piece frame kit which hugs the internal and external sides of the wall, adaptable to any type of wall and thickness.
  • Transparency with the option of glazed opening in safety glass, choice of 5 colours, available in the anti-panic or handle/handle versions.
  • Simple and universal fitting without the need of brickwork by means of frame retaining clamps and expansion bolts.