Secure from both the outside and in…

Often security does not only mean preventing break-in attempts, but also allowing to exit from a public place or house quickly and without any difficulty. This is why Sblock was conceived, the line of security doors with panic bar or quick release locking system, which brilliantly responds to all the fundamental requirements of a security door: cannot be violated from the outside, simple from the inside, flexible and adaptable to different needs. Intended for private spaces, but also shops, showrooms, offices, shopping malls, Sblock creates an inviolable barrier on the outside and an immediate and reliable escape route from the inside. In addition, as it is for all Dierre doors, every single detail is taken care of in Sblock and it beautifully adapts to any environment, thanks to the extreme variety of customisations.

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Fast Sblock -internal white lacquered
Fast Sblock- Smooth panelling lacquered RAL 3000
Fast Sblock - Smooth internal panelling lacquered RAL 7040
Sblock Push Ral 5010