Conquering new spaces

The door is one of the hallmarks of every environment, a clear and immediate expression of your personality. From our hi-tech construction and the stylistic research Space was conceived, a line of structures that gives the house a unique style giving you back unexpected spaces.

  • New Space: gives back to the house and to the surroundings all the space normally taken up by hinged doors. A clever idea to recover liveability
    and functionality which were always limited, both in new and pre-existing buildings. A solution that offers new furnishing possibilities, able to house any type of door: modern or classic, single or double leaf, smooth or with patterns and reliefs.
  • Space 1 Unico: responds to the need to place light fixtures on the wall where the sub-frame is housed. It is available for plasterable walls and partition walls in plasterboard.
  • Designed for large and busy environments, Space Primato links contiguous spaces by facilitating the passage in every situation, thanks to two parallel sliding doors, single or double, inserted in a single structure. It is available for plaster and plasterboard
  • Duetto: with two opposing sliding doors, brilliantly solves problems of space and clearance, comfortably and rationally serving two nearby rooms which could not handle two different sliding door systems. Only available for masonry walls, the Duetto structure can accommodate any door style.
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Space Primato - Single
New Space - double leaf
Space Cavity Frames
Space 1 Unico - Single leaf with Lumière 3 internal door polished burgundy
New Space - Raso Muro single leaf with Mimesi internal door lacquered white with 4 aluminium profiles
New Space - Single leaf with internal door Bellini X lacquered ivory
Space Duetto with Linear 2 internal door, lacquered snow white with horizontal matchboarding