If you are looking for a secure up-and-over door, easy to handle and that lasts ten times more than the average, choose Welcome. Its strength is in the structure and material it is made with, thanks to technologies and exclusive systems that ensure an exceptionally high resistance in any climatic condition.

The Welcome up-and-over doors are built to maintain all their value over time. Their exceptional resistance to corrosion and to the weathering agents is due both to the working techniques and the quality of the steel, not only galvanized but subjected to a special protective treatment (pre-painting) with antioxidant polyurethane paints. With a highly competitive cost, the Welcome up-and-over doors offer superior performance in terms of functionality, quietness and high maneuverability, guaranteed by an integrated and “invisible” counterweights system.

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Welcome - Brown pre-painted RAL 8017
Welcome - Green V013 Sanded
Welcome - Extra Red RAL 3002
Welcome - Strong Lacquered White RAL 9001
Welcome up-and-over door
Welcome blank dotted whithe 010 as extra
Aerated 50 ivory white
Areated 50 RAL 7045
Welcome brown RAL 8017 medium width
Welcome - Dark rusty colour
Welcome - Dark grey finish M 0.14 sanded with type 4 slots
Welcome - Pre-painted sheet metal brown RAL 8017



Welcome Wood as extra
blank ivory standard
durk rusty colour, sanded as extra
extra red RAL 3002
Green V013 sanded as extra 1
sanded dark grey M014 as extra
blank galvanised metal as extra